Top 10 Crypto Signals Telegram Groups in 2022

Telegram has proven to be one of the most viable social media platforms that have helped to drive the efforts of crypto enthusiasm all over the world. Now, there are hundreds of telegram groups specializing in different aspects of cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offering, IEO, Airdrops, and blockchain. Investors and traders have found ways through which they can maximize the potential of Telegram groups in exploring different aspects of cryptocurrency. One way people use crypto telegram groups is through gaining relevant insight into market trends, emerging projects and other signals. These crypto signals telegram groups have transformed the way people trade and invest in different cryptocurrency projects. Now there are also crypto pump and dump groups telegram that can help guide investors and traders on the best move to take in the market as we know that cryptocurrency is a highly volatile phenomenon.

With all the immense opportunities that Telegram has exposed us to in the cryptocurrency world, it is inevitable that many people will be trying to take advantage. Consequently, there are numerous platforms on Telegram claiming to be exclusively crypto-centric that are fraudulent and fake. Therefore, this article will only show you the top telegram crypto groups that you can trust in 2022.

However, before we look at these crypto telegram groups, it is important that we look at a major difference in order to aid your understanding.


The difference between Crypto groups and channels on Telegram

A lot of articles have used “Groups” and “Channels” interchangeably. But these two entities are similar but quite different and knowing the difference will help you make the right choice when looking for the platform to join.

For a crypto telegram group, the participants are called “Members” and they have a limited capacity of up to 200,000 people. Furthermore, these groups have a feature that allows for interaction with other members in a group. This means you can tag a person and respond to a particular message and even send a direct message to a person. The Group is headed by an admin who is in charge of adding and removing members from a group.

On the other hand, a crypto telegram channel has only “Subscribers” who can be more than 200,000. These subscribers can not interact with each other as the platform is exclusively for information sharing and nothing more. In fact, subscribers can not see other subscribers in the Crypto telegram channel.

Each platform has its perks and downsides, for example, a group allows you to network with other crypto enthusiasts but you may not have privacy as anyone can send you a message from the group. While a channel gives you privacy and still allows you to get the latest information on cryptocurrency. But networking would be difficult through channels.


This is a crypto telegram channel by default as it is mainly for information sharing with subscribers only to read the latest information on cryptocurrency. The channel is a great place to gain insight on all things ICO/IEO, Decentralized finance, airdrops and token sales. ICO SPEAKS NEWS also offers crypto marketing services to project owners looking for ways to stand out in the competitive crypto market. The crypto telegram channel has more than 200,000 subscribers making it one of the most sought-after platforms for Crypto on Telegram in 2022.

DeFi Million

This is also a crypto telegram channel that ushers subscribers into the exciting world of decentralized finance. With DeFi being categorized as the future of all things finance, this channel allows users to get ahead of the pack and invest in emerging and promising DeFi projects guaranteed to change the world. This is one of the most popular Telegram crypto channels on Decentralized finance as it has up to 250,000 subscribers and counting.


This is not to be confused with the first platform we looked at, ICO SPEAKS is one of the crypto telegram groups that has transformed the way people trade and invest in the crypto world. With more than 70,000 members creating an active community for interaction, networking and connection, investors find ICO SPEAKS a great place to showcase their projects. ICO SPEAKS is world-famous for AMA sessions which has helped numerous crypto projects get their very first start and push into the limelight. It is a group that focuses on all things ICO, IEO, blockchain, airdrops and token sales.

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ICO Listing

This is not one of the average crypto pump and dump groups telegram, but ICO Listing encompasses more than just a signals platform. Yes, when you join you get regular updates on token sales, ICO, IEO, and Airdrops. But this group which comprises over 30,000 members helps projects gain the necessary traction through its ICO marketing services. Furthermore, the group offers members the chance to also interact and helps investors to make informed decisions. This is one of the top telegram crypto groups because it provides ample information on different areas or cryptocurrencies that prove to be assets for investors and traders in the market.

BTC Champ

This is one of the crypto telegram channels that has greatly enhanced the trading experience for Bitcoin traders. It can be difficult to find a reliable platform to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT without any commission, but BTC champ offers subscribers that luxury. It is the best place to exchange cryptocurrency, especially for beginners. However, there is a limit to the cryptocurrency you can exchange. You can do a minimum of 100 USDT and a maximum of 25000 USDT per transaction.

Crypto Evolution

For crypto beginners and even veterans looking for updated crypto signals that they can trust, crypto Evolution will be one of the best choices. This is one of the crypto telegram channels that offer round-the-clock news on all emerging cryptocurrency projects. For many people, it is difficult trying to keep up with all the news in the Crypto world but with Crypto  Evolution you can stay abreast of the latest trends in the market.

Bitcoin Traffic

With Bitcoin Traffic, you get undiluted information on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are gaining popularity and traction in the market. Bitcoin Traffic is one of the crypto pump and dump groups on Telegram that plugs you into all things Cryptocurrency. One particular feature that will be thoroughly valued is how the channel sieves information. There are so many things to report on cryptocurrency daily, but Bitcoin Traffic selects only the important and relevant information for its subscribers.

IEO Pools

There are not many crypto telegram channels quite like IEO Pools. The marketing services that this channel provides are second to none as rheh help connect projects to a vibrant community of industry leaders. Asides from putting crypto projects on the map, IEO pools is a platform that offers the best updates on presales, and Airdrops. Furthermore, investors and traders can make better decisions since the platform provides credible crypto signals to its subscribers.


This is a one-of-a-kind channel that promotes crypto discussions among a buzzing community of enthusiasts. Metaboost offers people an incredible opportunity to network and build a better crypto career for themselves. You get only the best of cryptocurrency news that will help in forming your decisions. In fact, you get to be one of the few people that are privy to valuable information about cryptocurrency projects.

ICO Speaks RU

Top telegram groups are known for how well they are able to benefit their community and ICO Speaks RU ensures the Commonwealth of Independent States gets ample information on the latest crypto projects that would enhance their reputation in the industry. ICO Speaks RU also plugs you to company websites and other social media pages where you can interact directly with the project creators to ask relevant questions and gain clarification before making your decision to invest.


Which is the best crypto signal group on Telegram?

There are many top-ranking crypto telegram groups but ICO Speaks stands out. This is because the offerings that the group provides are unmatched. Asides from being one of the best crypto pump and dump groups, it is also a great place for growth and networking. Furthermore, the AMA sessions have given a lot of projects their big break in the crypto world.

Is Telegram used for Crypto?

Yes, Telegram over the years has been one of the most important social media tools that has helped promote crypto projects all over the world. Telegram connects social media with cryptocurrency in such a seamless way that many traders and investors find it easier to make informed decisions through the platform.

Where can I join a crypto pump and dump group?

There are many fake groups on Telegram but we have highlighted three top 10 platforms you can join by their direct links or visit https://icospeaks.com/the-best-crypto-telegram-groups-and-channels

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